• Create ways for everybody to participate.

It is one thing to host a commemorative event–quite another to help everybody engage meaningfully with the past in order to influence the future.

Keith Erekson combines personal administrative experience with a command of the literature on commemoration to help planners:

  • ensure personalized participation by diverse constituencies,
  • identify overlooked but necessary infrastructure for supporting history and project management,
  • establish effective methods for the coordination of planning and implementation, and
  • integrate communication with commemorative goals and institutional strategy.

Keith brings both practical and scholarly expertise with state, national, and international commemorations of individuals and institutions, ranging from Abraham Lincoln to universities to the Mexican Revolution. He also imparts a sense of vision, creativity, and fun—all with his award-winning eye for engaging everybody in the commemoration.

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Selected Recent Work

University of Texas at El Paso, Centennial Celebration, 2014

Mormon Exodus from Mexico, Centennial, 2012

Mexican Revolution, Centennial, 2010

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial, 2009

State of Indiana, Indiana Lincoln Bicentennial, 2009

Indiana Magazine of History, Centennial, 2005

Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial and Monument, Centennial, 2005